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Information for patients

Please find below brochures designed for patients. You can learn and discover important information regarding your health or new health condition from them.
Please choose appropriate section to have a look or download the brochures for patients (will open in new tab).

Colostomy care
(information regarding colostomy bags)
      - colostomy bags assortment, adhesives characteristic, skin care products, Coloplast history video
      - production booklets
      - application instructions, video tutorials
      - advices and recommendations

Urinary incontinence care

booklets, brochures with information both for man and women, women incontinence, instructions

Wound care

general wound care presentation, different kinds of bandages booklets

Surgery-substitute weight correction

Electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring

Venous insufficiency treatment (combination of mechanical and chemical methods)

Painless outpatient procedure, which is conducted in Hospitals in Minsk, Grodno, Stowbtsy